Hybrid Battery Replacement and How to Make It More Affordable

The special battery packs used by hybrid cars come with much longer warranty than standard batteries, but even so, these packs will also fail eventually, making hybrid battery replacement necessary. In most cases, hybrid cars are chosen because of their great fuel economy features as well as for their hardiness. Indeed, hybrid car owners can save a lot by reducing fuel and repair costs to the minimum, but if the battery breaks down when it is out of warranty, the replacement costs are quite high.

Hybrid battery packs like the Toyota Prius battery come with extra-long warranty – they leave the factory warranted for 100,000-150,000 miles or 8-10 years of usage, which in many cases longer than the car stays in the possession of one owner. Even so, every battery fails eventually, even the special hybrid battery pack. However, there are a few alternatives you can resort to if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a new battery – here are some tips about how to reduce replacement costs.

Making Replacement Cheaper with a Second-Hand Battery

Hybrid cars, just like conventional vehicles, can become involved in accidents or get otherwise damaged or totaled. The hybrid battery pack is expensive, but it is durable, so it is very rarely the reason why a hybrid car is taken to the junk yard. This also means that you have a very good chance to get a hybrid battery pack in perfect condition from a totaled car in a junk yard for the fraction of the price of a new pack.

Battery Reconditioning

The most common signs of hybrid battery failure are diminished performance, frequent depletion, usually from one day to the next and increased fuel consumption. However, if you notice these signs, it does not necessarily mean that you need instant replacement – chances are that the fault is caused by another component of the powertrain and even if it is the fault of the hybrid pack, with the help of a special technological solution called battery reconditioning, your pack can still be salvaged. There are many companies that do battery reconditioning – the easiest way to find them is to enter a query into your internet browser or to ask your mechanic to recommend you a reliable reconditioning firm.

Contact the company to find out about prices, warranty and the time it takes to recondition your battery. They will probably tell you that the process starts with some testing and an evaluation of your battery to find out what is wrong with it and to determine whether the fault can be fixed at all. You will be required to get the battery removed from your car and to send it to the reconditioning company – if the pack can be reconditioned, you will soon receive it back. Reconditioned batteries provide about 95% of the functionality of a new battery, so if your pack has successfully undergone reconditioning, chances are you will be able to avoid costly hybrid battery replacement for at least a few more years.

Custom Mufflers – Beneficial for the Looks, the Sound and the Performance, but Only If Chosen Right

Many car owners choose custom mufflers to improve the appearance of their car and to make it sound more like a muscle car, but the benefits of these custom-made exhaust systems reach way further that sound and looks – here are just a few of the advantages of replacing stock mufflers with customized ones.

More Power and Torque for Your Engine

Custom mufflers can significantly improve the performance of your engine by improving ventilation and by reducing the overall weight of the car. Gains are evidently more significant for larger engines and turbocharged engines, but you can still get the looks and sound benefit with smaller cars as well.

An engine that breathes better is an engine that is stronger, but the larger in this case does not necessarily means the better. Your mufflers need to be exactly of the right dimensions, otherwise they will allow too much air to reach the engine, which can have the opposite effect, in some cases even arming the engine. If you want to prevent such problems, turn to a qualified mechanic to select and to install your new aftermarket mufflers.  Muffler repair Denver technicians recommend having your muffler checked every so often.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Customized mufflers can also increase your car’s fuel efficiency. An engine that gets the optimal quantity of air and is able to eliminate exhaust gas properly is able to use fuel more efficiently, so custom exhausts will also reduce the fuel needs of your car.

More Resistance to Damage and Enhanced Durability

Custom-made exhaust systems are usually made from materials the quality of which is superior to the quality of the factory equipment your car came out with – most stock mufflers are made from mild steel, while custom units use stainless steel or aluminized steel. These special steel alloy parts are somewhat on the expensive side, but they may last for the lifetime of your car, so you will have to make the investment only once, then you can enjoy the benefits as long as you own or use the car. Durability, anti-corrosive features and resistance to impact are especially important in the case of vehicles used on difficult terrain, making custom mufflers especially useful for trucks and other heavy-duty cars.

How to Get a Customized Muffler

Many car owners choose to purchase and install their own exhaust systems including the mufflers, but if you are not sufficiently experienced, it is risky business – there are virtually hundreds of different types of mufflers out there on the market, you might get the size wrong or you might not choose the right type or material and you will surely have difficulties mounting the parts. The best way to get your aftermarket mufflers right is to turn to professionals – there are a lot of great mechanics that provide tuning services and they will know exactly how to choose and mount the right parts for you.

Getting custom mufflers for your car is a great idea if you are looking for better looks, better performance and more resilience for your exhaust system – consult your mechanic and you will soon be able to enjoy all the benefits of your custom-made exhaust components.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By Unreliable Aurora Auto Mechanics?

Keeping your car in good condition translates into longevity, safety and, not least, efficiency. Car owners know this only too well and fortunately, there are many Aurora auto mechanics that provide the service that customers pay for. However, it is equally true that scammers are everywhere and you must always be prepared to avoid them.

Here are some tips to help you stay away from those shops that are more interested in making money that in providing quality service to their clients.

  • Work with a well-known auto shop recommended to you by other people

Ask colleagues or friends about shops and auto mechanics they have worked with and find out if they were satisfied.  There are also several websites with up-to-date lists with reputable shops near your location.

  • Know your car and its problem

Make sure that you know exactly why you are taking your car to the Aurora mechanic. Gather information about the potential problems, read about different symptoms that will help you identify the problem easier and keep up with the diagnostic put by the mechanic. When you take your car to the shop, make sure to have a detailed discussion with the mechanic, tell him what you observed and ask questions about things that need to be cleared up. A good mechanic should be able to provide you all the explanations you need as well as have a good understanding of how the car is supposed to work.repair

  • Do not trust a mechanic who attempts to perform repairs without your consent

Once he explained you the problem with your car, make sure to ask for a written quote, just to be sure that there will be no “extra services” added in the process. Also, ask about the costs of materials and check if there are any cheaper options.

  • If possible, be as present as possible and watch the work

Keeping track of your car’s maintenance is important because this way it is unlikely to make a mistake like allowing the mechanic to recommend you something that has been already done.

  • If you feel that you are getting a hard sell, talk to other Aurora auto mechanics or with someone who can provide you a second opinion
  • Ask for the broken parts that are being replaced; you have the right to have them, no matter what you plan to do with them. This way, you prevent disreputable mechanics to simulate replacing parts.
  • If you have agreed to install new parts, make sure that they are really new and that you are not paying old parts as new.

Although it is good to stay informed and keep yourself away from scammers, keep in mind that not all mechanics are unreliable; some may simply not be able to detect a problem right the first time, but this doesn’t mean that they attempt to scam you. Actually, a proof of their truthfulness is that follow-up services should be significantly less expensive.

Remember to be respectful, even when you do your homework and, if you suspect something dubious, communicate with your mechanic and try to clear things up before making legal complaints.